Hej hej!

Hi, I’m Zoë! Welcome to my blog, in which I will document my adventures as a DIS Stockholm student throughout Sweden and Europe with my favorite Kermit the Frog stuffed animal by my side!

Recent Posts

Kickin’ it at Kulturnatt

This past weekend, I did an Instagram takeover on DIS Stockholm’s account for Stockholm’s Kulturnatt (Culture Night). Kulturnatt is an annual festival that showcases Stockholm’s cultural scene and includes free admission to museums, art collectives, churches, theatre, and more. I rounded up a couple friends and decided to hop over to Djurgårdan–Stockholm’s museum district–to tourContinue reading “Kickin’ it at Kulturnatt”

#1 Ampelmann Fan

Berlin! Let’s talk about it! My Photo Documentary and Discovery course went on a trip to Berlin, Germany for Study Break. I think I’ll start this blog with a funny story. I was waiting for my flight to Berlin in the Stockholm airport very early in the morning when I decided to get some breakfastContinue reading “#1 Ampelmann Fan”

“As you start traveling that road of life, remember this: there are never enough comfort spots. The places you are going to are never on the map.”

–Kermit the Frog
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